Welcome to my Name My Boat blog! I have a 32 foot boat on the Gulf of Mexico. We live on it on weekends, holidays, and breaks from my hubby’s job. I’m having a boat naming contest for my boat. We’re having trouble coming up with a name for our boat and we would like some help! What should be name our boat, you help us decide. Click on the comment link above and leave a suggestion! I will make a list of all the names suggested and then make a poll to vote!

This is our marina where we dock our boat and stay overnight. This is where we spend our weekends. It is a really nice place!

This is my kitchen on the boat and as you can see it is really nice. This is the galley of the boat. I have a microwave, stove, refrigerator, sink, and cabinets. The cabin of the boat is pretty large. We have an dining area in the galley with a table and settee that sits 5 people. We have 2 bedrooms in the cabin. There is a bathroom with a shower also. Our boat has very hot water on it. It has instant hot water for showers and washing dishes.

A view of the ocean from our boat and what a lovely view it is! This is what we like to do the most with our boat. We love to be out in the ocean surrounded with miles of nothing but us and the water. Every time we go out we go deep sea fishing.

This is another view of the ocean from the front of the boat. That is our pirate flag at the tip of our boat.

A sailboat and a small watercraft vessel that are on their way out to the ocean. We are heading back to our dock in this picture.

Looking in back of the boat as we are underway. Our boat can go pretty fast.

This is another fishing boat on the ocean. A lot of people have fishing boats like this. It is very popular at the ocean to have a fishing boat like this. It has a center console that you can walk all around while you are fishing. This boat is passing us on our way back to the marina. Our marina is about 1/2 mile off the Intercostal Waterway back in a river.

If you want to see more pictures of our ocean adventures CLICK HERE.